Class cultures were a hot topic at the American Sociological Association conference a couple of weeks ago, not just because Michele Lamont is the new ASA president and she made “Culture and Inequalities” the overall conference theme, but also because 3 Working-Class Studies Association members worked to increase awareness of WCSA and all of our opportunities among the sociologists.

Jessi Streib, Allison Hurst, and Betsy Leondar-Wright (and their publishers) gave out many copies of a Class Cultures Caucus flyer with information about WCSA and the newly formed Class Cultures Caucus.

These three also organized a get-together over dinner which was well-attended. Some WCSA members and attenders came (including Lisa McKenzie, Colby King, Debbie Warnock, Jenny Stuber), but also people new to our network, including Joan Williams, author of White Working Class.

In the spirit of WCSA Treasurer Ken Estey’s encouragement to “go forth and multiply,” participants went out and encouraged interested sociologists to get involved with WCSA! The organizers gathered a list of over 30 people newly interested in WCSA. Jessi shared an inspiring description at the dinner for how great the WCSA conferences are, and we hope we may see some new people come to Stony Brook next year as a result.

Besides info on the next WCSA conference, the journal, the blog, the Caucus, Working-Class Academics and Class Action, participants also shared a call for papers that other WCSA members might be interested in. This CfP is for a mini-conference on Class and Culture convened by Annette Lareau and Elliot Weininger at the Eastern Sociological Society in February in Baltimore.

The Class Cultures Caucus founders (Barb Jensen, Jack Metzgar and Jeff Torlina as well as sociologists Jessi, Allison, and Betsy ) will come be working on plans to encourage some of those new folks to get more involved with WCSA. In the meantime, please continue to encourage other folks to get more involved with WCSA.


2017 Conference Wrap Up

Thank you to Joe Varga and this year’s organizing committee for hosting an incredibly rich and successful conference.  The CFP for next year is available.  Hope to see everyone at Stony Brook!


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WCSA 2017-18 Election Nominations

The nominations process is now open for the WCSA elections in June. There will be blast-email calls for nominations in April and May, but it is not too early to submit nominations, including self-nominations. Simply email your nominee to Elections Committee Chair Lisa Kirby at LKirby@collin.edu. If you are nominating somebody besides yourself, please seek their permission before nominating and simply copy them on your email nomination to Lisa. No biographical rationale is necessary at this point.

The open positions for 2017-18 are: President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, two at-large members of the Steering Committee (one graduate student and one independent scholar), and one member of the Elections Committee. In addition, former members of the Association of Working-Class Academics need to nominate and elect a Chair-Elect for the new WCSA Working-Class Academics Section.