WCSA Officers and Committee Members 2021-2022

President: Joseph Varga, Indiana University

Past-President: Allison Hurst, Oregon State University

President-Elect: Michelle Corbin, Worcester State University

Treasurer: Marc DiPaolo, Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Secretary: Nathaniel Heggins Bryant, California State University, Chico

Digital Communication Coordinator: Jen Vernon, Sierra College

Steering Committee and At-Large Members

Lindsay Barkowski, Temple University

Jen Vernon, Sierra College

Rosie O’Halloran, University of Cambridge

Elwood David Watson, East Tennessee State University

Working-Class Academics Sections

Chair: Barbara Jensen, independent scholar and psychologist

Chair-elect: Emma Penney, University College Cork

Elections Committee

Chair: Jill Ann Harrison, University of Oregon

Jack Metzgar, Roosevelt University in Chicago &

Jason Tanenbaum, Oregon State University

Social Media Coordinator

Rosie O’Halloran, University of Cambridge

Officer Reports

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