Journal of Working-Class Studies

The Journal of Working-Class Studies is an online, open-access peer reviewed journal that supports diverse explorations of working-class life. It is the journal of the Working-Class Studies Association.

Our December 2020 issue, edited by Sarah Attfield (University of Technology Sydney), Liz Guiffre (University of Technology Sydney), and Jen Vernon (Sierra College) focuses on working-class poetry. The editors write:

The poems are diverse in style and tone but share commonalities of working-class experience across different time zones and geographical locations. We hope the poems resonate with you and provoke you to write if you are a poet: furiously and vigorously, we need much more. And if you are an appreciator of working-class poetry in its many forms or a critic, we hope that you will seek out more and help us better appreciate it, too.

Read this issue’s working-class poets here!