Caucus of Working Faculty

Coming out of the WCSA conference this June, also in response to the recent Janus court decision, several of us would like to form an on-going Caucus of Working Faculty. It will focus on workplace issues and labor organizing as well as town-gown issues in a higher education system being made over by neoliberalism.  Even prior to the Supreme Court decision against public-sector unions, our session at the WCSA brought out how across the country, academics at every level are experiencing a host of pressures on their conditions of work and very jobs, from manufactured austerity to downsizing/rightsizing to union busting to focused attacks on faculty members to privatization/outsourcing to explicit or thinly-veiled racism and sexism, and many more. At the same time, many universities and colleges have operated to widen gaps of wealth and power between themselves and surrounding communities, from exploiting local tax systems to driving up costs for local housing.  In response, we aim to share stories and experiences and reflect on new and better ways of organizing and building our collective power in order to democratize both our unions and our colleges and universities.

If you wish to join our discussions, please write Chris Sellers


Caroline Byrne

Michele Corbin

Charles Cunningham

Terry Easton

Amelia Fortunato

Micah Klayman

Jenny Strandberg

Chris Sellers

Joseph Varga