WCSA in Action

American Studies Association ~ Nov. 2018

A panel at the American Studies Association, Class Contingencies: Visibility and Absence in Contemporary Working-Class Representations, featuring Sherry Linkon, Robin Brooks, Joseph Entin, and Derrick A. Jones.
Terry Easton, Associate Professor of English, Univ. of North Georgia, talking about his community project, “Border Crossing with Oral History and Photography.”
Michele Fazio, Scott Henkel, Christie Launius, Vanessa Fonseca-Chavez, and Terry Easton at the American Studies Association, Nov. 2019, talking about the emerging field of working-class studies.
Sherry Linkon presenting, “Deindustrial Intersections: Narrating Race, Gender, and Precarity in Contemporary Working Class Novels.”
Dr. Vanessa Fonseca-Chávez, Assistant Professor of English, Arizona State University, discussing her interdisciplinary ethnographic project, “Following the Manito Trail,” that documents Hispanic New Mexican, or Manito, migration from New Mexico to different parts of the United States during the last century.

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