Everyday Poetry – Weekly Radio Broadcast Set to Air and Seeking Submissions

A new weekly radio broadcast Everyday Poetry – Poetry for the People will begin airing Sundays from 11:00-12:00 Central Time and 12:00-1:00pm EST on WRFN-LPFM 107.1 and 103.7 as well as online here at this link, and via various mobile applications.

Originating in Pasquo, TN, the program will celebrate works that are accessible, rooted in work or place, and that of Americana and “Whitman-esque” reflections.  The host, Sandee Gertz, will be reading works of literature on the air, mixed with music and live author interviews.  Each Sunday’s show will include a theme: from the Appalachian coalfields, to steel mills, to pink collar work and white collar work, as well as Americana travel.

And they are seeking submission of poetry, books, and recordings. All submissions of material/books/recordings may be sent to Sandee Gertz, 1805 Cahal Ave, Nashville, TN 37206 (snail mail) or to her email at sandeegertz@gmail.com. (She must have the author’s permission to broadcast rights to read their work on the air, which can be done with a simple email allowing a one-time reading use.)

Radio Free Nashville is a time-honored, grass-roots, independent station, nearing its 50th Anniversary of airing high-quality programming.


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